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harvested at last...

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Topic: harvested at last...
Posted By: marty12345
Subject: harvested at last...
Date Posted: 02 June 2011 at 00:19
Hi everyone,
i finaliy got to harvest my 2 most mature girls kelly my northern light & tori my widow,
here's how it went, 
they were 4 months flowering very very slow & even at that i think i cut them too early
I think this is because my light is only a 240w hid ( what do you think ? ) 
i got 4 & a half oz off the northern when cut and dryed them in a small room hanging up with a vent at grond level & one at ceiling with a fan blowing on the floor i keept the temp between 17c-23c & put in boxes during the day & done this for a week.
As the days went on during drying the buds started to loose there smell & on about 4-5 they smelled very strange & just like nothing , something ya might feed a cow 
so it finaly came to smoke time at last & i  was not feeling good at all about my first home grown smoke ( & i was looking so forword to this time for so long ) so i rolled up & i was so disapointed at the result it was fucking shit the mildest smoke you ever had in you life %3cry%3cnhappy %3cmbarrass%3cdhere is a little something there but just not good at all............... ill report on tori tomoorrow & i have some pic to trow up 

Posted By: Solidopc
Date Posted: 02 June 2011 at 01:20
Wow, 16 weeks to flower northern lights and whitewidow, ive never heard of that before. Were the plants stressed out at all in the grow? Bad enviromental conditions and us stressing them can slow down flowering. Thats a hell of along time to be slowed down for still though.
It certainly has nothing to do with your light, unless the heat in your grow space was off the charts. The light is not too weak is what i am saying.
What sort of system do you use to grow? Soil, hydro? Nutes? Extraction/intake?
Might need to know more about that before i could speculate on why these plants took 16 weeks to flower.  Pictures of your setup would be nice too.
Anyway, about the smell, dont worry dude, my first grow was the same, i was dissapointed, the weed smelt like hay or dried grass, it did get you high, but was just totally underwhelming. You need to practice, only way is to keep growing. Imagine, you wouldnt expect yourself to be able to just grow prize winning tomatoes, or grapes on your first attempt. You wouldnt expect yourself to be much good at any new hobby/task at the first attempt.
By the 3rd grow, my weed was alot better, and it just kept getting better and better, and now its pretty dam good. So you just need to get used to the way you are growing, and once you've mastered it, and sorted out the enviroment, your weed will get better.
Obviously you need good genetics to get good weed. For weed with alot of flavour, there is no better vendor for me than sweetseeds. All their varities ive tried are full of flavour and aroma. White label power plant is another one with huge lovely aroma and flavour. But even with these you have to be growing them well to get good results.

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