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White Label Seeds - White ICE

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Topic: White Label Seeds - White ICE
Posted By: RosenthalPadawan
Subject: White Label Seeds - White ICE
Date Posted: 19 August 2013 at 18:23
Hey all , i'm from Brazil and i'm a beginner grower that just finished his first crop ever :)

I did it indoors in a small room of my apartament that has 3 square meters , using a cooltubed reflector with a 250W metal halide in veg. stage and a 400W HPS lamp for flowering.The growing medium i'm using is a mix of soil and worm castings from the local suppliers that rested for 2 weeks before planting and 30% of the entire mix being perlite.

The pots used were 2-5 Liters , and plants were vegged for 5 weeks.

For the fertilization i've used some products from General Organics , those are BioThrive (Grow and Bloom) + CaMg+ BioBud which were very good in my opinion cause i didn't have any pH problems or strange tastes in my buds , some plants i didn't even flush cause i was already giving them plain water for their last 14-21 days before harvesting.

In my growing experience i've learned that for a more rewarding harvest , pot-pourri grows ( i've tried 6 different strains on this one.) are more interesting for people who enjoy having more options when thinking of rolling a joint , cause definetely that was one of the reason i harvested a smaller quantity of dried bud than i was expecting (got 60g of dried product from 8 plants.).Also noticed that i need to work on a better light reflection and have 1-2 different strains max.

My most rewarding strain in matters of quality and yields is the White ICE from White Label Seeds !!!

From all my 6 different strains , she has the most amazing taste and potency !!! The best Indica dominant strain i've ever smoked , very relaxing ,social high and a true medicine for insomnia.Sweet and pungent , thick smoke that made me and my girlfriend totally in love with this strain !!!

Im thinking for my next grow to have only 4 White ICE females planted in bigger pots , say 25 Liters , vegged for a longer time (8 to 10 weeks) using the same setup that i already have. I'm planning to harvest 50g of dried product per plant.

Any advices from you guys , so i can pump my indoor harvest? i would be very glad !!!

I'm off to lunch , later on i'll post a few pics of that incredible pheno !!!

Thanks Sensi Seeds and Forum !!!



Posted By: l0ld4ve
Date Posted: 20 August 2013 at 18:30
Yes, I also like to grow some different strains rather than some of the same.

Ever thought about SoG? Some LST can do a difference too.

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