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flowering mother plants.

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Topic: flowering mother plants.
Posted By: mrebuzz
Subject: flowering mother plants.
Date Posted: 20 June 2007 at 17:24
i'm not sure if mother plants, grown hydro with pebbles /drip irrigation are easy to flower, once they are due to be replaced by a clone.

My flowering room is flood and drain with pebbles, how could i keep them alive durringflowering without drip irrigation to water them or soil to hold the water. would transplanting them into soil stress them out.

or just slash'em!


Posted By: mrebuzz
Date Posted: 20 June 2007 at 17:31

this is one of the clones, jack herer leaning more towards a indica phenotype. very nice indeed!

not sure about this one but its taking a loooooong time, found out from the forum that topping can increase flowing times due to producing 2 colas, and this one is deff a 70 day'er possibly mother finest, deff leaning towards sativa.

Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 20 June 2007 at 17:35
Transplanting might stress them, but they should recover.

If you visit your flowering room every day, just water the clay pebbles 1-3 times per day by hand. If the pot is sitting in a deep tray, you can just water once, enough to drain through the pot and fill the tray. The capillary action across the surface of the pebbles should direct enough  water upwards to feed the roots.

If your flowering room is automatic, you could make a recirculating mini drip-feed with a cheap aquarium water pump. Just sit the pot in a bucket with water, put the pump at the bottom of the bucket and run a tube from the pump to the top of the pot.

Flowering mother plants can be very rewarding indeed, if you have the space to let them reach.

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Posted By: mrebuzz
Date Posted: 20 June 2007 at 17:41
cheers ganja, your just a fountain of knowledge!

Posted By: holistic
Date Posted: 20 June 2007 at 20:00
nice plants had to say yummy

Check out - Sensi Indoor Mix in Holistic's photo gallery!

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Posted By: farmer mick
Date Posted: 20 June 2007 at 21:55
That JH bud is a picture of perfection mate. You should take a few snaps of the main cola and enter the upcoming Sensi photo competition. You could be on to a winner...
Clay pebbles can soak up a fair amount of water, so I reckon your mothers would probably survive in the flood and drain system if you flood it once every 4-6 hours. As long as the roots of the plant have reached the bottom of the pot, they should be able to get all the nutrients they need, even if the top half of the pot stays completely dry all the time.

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Posted By: mrebuzz
Date Posted: 21 June 2007 at 20:29
thanks all 4 advise and compliaments, topped em i'm afraid but gonna flower one specially for comp if i have enough time.

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