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Introductions (for New Forum Members)

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Topic: Introductions (for New Forum Members)
Posted By: Ganja
Subject: Introductions (for New Forum Members)
Date Posted: 12 July 2006 at 13:56
Just thought we should have a space for new members to introduce themselves, if they feel like it.

Not that anyone should feel obliged to do so. I've noticed that members of some other forums get a bit annoyed if new members don't introduce themselves in the 'proper' way.

That's not the idea behind this thread.
If you want to say hi, please feel free.
If not, we'll see you in the rest of the forums.


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Posted By: farmer mick
Date Posted: 12 July 2006 at 17:45
Okay, I'll get the ball rolling then, shall I...
Hello everybody,
I've been browsing around here for a while and I've learned so much in such a short time.
I've been growing on a very small scale since last October using a 250w HPS in a 2ft x 2.5ft space. I'm on my third crop at the moment, with one large lady taking up the entire room. She's been in 12/12 for two weeks and is just starting to form nice buds everywhere. My last two crops I grew six small plants each time in a sea of green, harvested 4.5oz the first time and 5.5oz the second time.
All my plants have been grown from one seed I found in a bag of indoor-grown weed bought about a year ago (strain unknown). It grew into a female under natural light in my bathroom, which I used as my mother. She survived the winter (just about) and I brought up a new clone in her place, first under HID, then back in the bathroom at start of April.
Anyway, that's me and my setup. It's very basic, but it produces enough smoke to keep myself and few acquaintances in bud all year round. Happy smoking everyone. See y'all elsewhere on the forum.

Posted By: Real
Date Posted: 12 July 2006 at 18:19
Well, since this thread is here and I'm  still new to the site. I figured hell why not. I'm from in the states. I've got a few years of outdoor exp. Since I was 14 years old I planted my first pot seed in the hills of west virginia. Allthough Stealing weed plants is a sport in w.v I did not come off with it. but beendoing it ever since. In the pass two years I've gone to hydro and working on my library indoors trying to collect the best strains that I can. So far I only have 2 but I would like to have a bigger selection of mothers. Thats why I'm here.

Posted By: Sticky
Date Posted: 13 July 2006 at 06:02
Cool welcome to both of you.

Stinkysmoke eye

Posted By: Quarzen
Date Posted: 13 July 2006 at 16:09
hello everybody !
I m not so new to this forum but I missed also to introduce myself...
my name is chris and I m from germany in the region of heidelberg.
I made few expierences in growing indoor but I m not a pro - so I can help new growing members with the basics, but I cant go into detail, even when I red a lot about growing cannabis. but I like to be with you in this forum because its simply great - and sensiseeds is simply the best cannabis-seed company.
I had in my last grow two diffrent strains : NL#5xHazexNL - which was a realy delicious thing and Mexican Sativa with a nice sativa like high.
this time I grow the MS again and American Dream - another sensi sort.
after a little obstacles everything is fine and I got two girls now - one MS one AD and theyre flowing now in thier 2nd week.
so thats all I can tell you for now and hope to hear from ya all !
wish you a good smoke !   rolling one

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Posted By: burn one down
Date Posted: 13 July 2006 at 21:11
hi all !
i,m mark ,been growing for about 10 years,on and off,only indoors.
at the moment i've got some jack and some G13xhashplant growing,still in veg bud stage is lit by 3x600w sodium lights(new room not used yet)

welldone on your great forumClap already spent many hours on it.nice one

Posted By: GabberGandalf
Date Posted: 16 July 2006 at 14:11
Hello guys!
I must say that this forum is very nice, im quite new but l learned many things.
I'm living in Salzburg in Austria and i have a few shiva shanti2 here.
Next year im going to grow sensi skunks.
Happy grow 'n smoke to all!loving it 

Posted By: bassist
Date Posted: 19 July 2006 at 02:26


             Im new to this site but I gotta say, its a gem amoung a lot of useless site's that just waste your time. Ive been growing meself on a small scale for about two years and been getting help via the net and the bible written by Jorge the master. Evil Smile All respect to him!
Ive really been getting into the whole buzz of growing plants. And not just cannabis, although that was the start of my interest. I moved out of home two years ago and have had an attic on the go since then. About a year ago i went home to help me mam dig the garden and decided to flower the entire garden for her birthday. She loved it loads of flowers and little tree's and a nice little pond in the middle. the best birthday present she's ever had!Thumbs Up
Ive decided that I want to study horticulture, however where im from there is a very limited capacity in the college's here. Ireland in case your wondering. Ill be able to sign up in September 2007 which is sweet, but seen as though ive got basicly a year before I go into it Ive been wondering is there any companies in Amsterdam that would take you on as a trainie grower or an apprentice or something like that? If I have a year to kill I might aswell learn from the master's!
Any info would be much appreiciated.
Cheers guys
Slan Abhaile

Posted By: Real
Date Posted: 19 July 2006 at 03:04
That would be a good question for ganja. He would know for sure.

Posted By: bassist
Date Posted: 19 July 2006 at 03:13
Cheers man,
                        jesus that was fast, just finnished a fat one highand hay presto an answer. Ill drop him a line. im really interested in it. I read your thread on the last page. sounds cool to be able to grow out doors. ive been growin in a poxy attic for the last two odd years. the space really gets to me. just wnna do it properly.
Anyway thanks again brother
bassistEvil Smile

Posted By: Real
Date Posted: 19 July 2006 at 03:19
Sticky and bowen i think was talking about a guy getting busted during winter time for being the only one without snow. I grow in my basement a lil bit. But, I do like to take clones outside. And i take it you play bass metal or rock? I play guitar,bass, and drums But i suck a guitar.

Posted By: bassist
Date Posted: 19 July 2006 at 03:25
yeah im a bass player. started on guitar but just love the low sound. rock, metal, blues anything that catch's me ear. how bout you?

Posted By: Real
Date Posted: 19 July 2006 at 03:47
I like playing jazzy bass lines. I'm a power chord freak on guitar. And drums well drums are what I started on so anything that has a rythem. I like technical drum rudiments etc...

Posted By: DonQuichote
Date Posted: 21 July 2006 at 23:10
feel at home here! I'm a bass player as well. But also playing rackett (the compact "brother" of the bassoon, see picture) got me a nickname "the waterpipe man"

The world's first phyberpunk

Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 24 July 2006 at 10:49
Wow, never seen a musical instrument like that before. Interesting!
Does it date back a long way, or is it more recent? It looks kinda medieval to me (i get a picture of Monty Python-type peasants playing one of these in combo with a lute)

Also, how big it it? Does the cylinder fit in the hand? I almost thought it stood on the floor, with the player standing behind it, until you said it was a compact relative of the bassoon.

Posted By: thedude
Date Posted: 25 July 2006 at 10:20
Well acually just wanted to swing and say thank you guys for JH, as it has been one of my favorite smokes for well over a year now, Yea Yea i know it took long enough to say thanks, lol. But in all reality i grow a bunch of diff crap and it is all compared agenst the devistating high of JH and very very few have matched up, Thanks Again, TheDude.

Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 25 July 2006 at 10:27
You're more than welcome! Thanks for taking the time to mention it.

Jack Herer is one of my favourites too (most people at the company are split between NL#5xHaze and JH), along with the two descendents - Jack Flash and Mother's Finest.

I hope you can keep your mother plant(s) for many years to come.

Posted By: joker503
Date Posted: 25 July 2006 at 15:50
Hello all,
  New member here my name is Eric. i actually havn't started growing yet but have been doing a lot of planning and research. Going to have a cabinite set up and was looking for advise on a good strain to start out with, something fairly resiliant as i'm sure i'll be screweing some things up, thanks

Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 25 July 2006 at 15:56
The first three Skunks on the list are great introductory strains. Growers with anylevel of experience can produce top-shelf buds from Skunk #1, Sensi Skunk or Super Skunk.

Skunk #1 is the original hybrid
Sensi Skunk is the sweetest and probably has the lowest smell when growing of the three
Super Skunk is easily the most powerful of the three

Posted By: joker503
Date Posted: 25 July 2006 at 16:11
thank you much, i'm sure i'll be having many questions in the following months

Posted By: green pixies
Date Posted: 26 July 2006 at 03:56
hello everybody,
 my name is stéphane and I am French!!  ....I live in Bourgogne....Embarrassed
   I only cultivate since 1 year, and it became a passion,
 I have 2 éspace culture… growth and flowering,
I do not know what I can teach you… I am French… and you… Dutch!! héhé!! 
   yesterday I received 1 X afghaniN°1 and 1 X indoor-mix… sensi seeds bank.   
 but I did not finish my last culture yet! ….chocolate skunk, white widow,  
  ,  has soon,
    G.P Ying Yang
PS: excuse me for my “bad spoken” english !! 
        I use a translator on line to help me a little!!

je sais !! je suis français !! alors !!??

Posted By: GabberGandalf
Date Posted: 26 July 2006 at 14:59
Hello grenn Pixies and welcome to our forum!
chocolate skunk sounds good, can you tell me something about it?
Happy grow 'n smoke

Posted By: holistic
Date Posted: 27 July 2006 at 01:33
my names holistic real name alistair im 36 from the uk been growing for one month smoking for 18 years came to holland this year where i had the best time and smoke of my life weed was called hawain snow pretty sure the guys over at greenhouse grew it.
so i came home and thort ill have a go at that bought the lights got the seeds from sensi ( of course ) and im as happy as larry id recomend any smoker to at least try to grow if you can reminds me why i started to smoke in the first place. so god bless all at sensi and the best forum on the net specil thanks to ganja, sticky, pete. for all there help so far. one love peace out .

Posted By: green pixies
Date Posted: 30 July 2006 at 20:51
Originally posted by GabberGandalf

Hello grenn Pixies and welcome to our forum!
chocolate skunk sounds good, can you tell me something about it?
Happy grow 'n smoke
the chocolate skunk is a pure indica..(i believe ! )…high  ...easy to grow..,
with a really fruity taste . 
good harvest… 
the high is more “stoned” (indica) 
but , there are some differences between the plants especially on the level of the taste !!
it is all that I can say to you !!??
PS; there is a picture of my chocolate in “indoor growing” on this forum.

je sais !! je suis français !! alors !!??

Posted By: GabberGandalf
Date Posted: 30 July 2006 at 21:43
thank's for your informations man!

Posted By: joker503
Date Posted: 31 July 2006 at 05:15
Hello all,
     Was wondering if anyone had some advise on getting seeds into a contry they're not alowed. thanks.

Posted By: GabberGandalf
Date Posted: 31 July 2006 at 14:34

where are you living?

Posted By: americano
Date Posted: 04 August 2006 at 14:32
Originally posted by joker503

Hello all,
     Was wondering if anyone had some advise on getting seeds into a contry they're not alowed. thanks.

Take said airline to AMS from your own departure city, take NS rail train to AMS CS for 4.00 euros each way, go to the number 4 tram, at CS get off on the Third stop, go to said Seed shop(s), buy said strains of seeds, and go back to hotel, look at all your product, sort the said product accordinly to airport rules of hand checking luggage and personal self, and take said airline back to said departure city, and clear your douane ie customs, and then get in said vehicle, and drive back home to said grow op.

I m not sure how much that will cost, but if you got o the blarney stone pub in amsterdam say hey to my friend paddy, if you say Jack L. will pay for your pint of the dark stuff, then you may just get that one the house. Oh yea, said dark stuff is Guinness stout.

 not hash, you can get that at the shops amongst your location.

try super marok, its not expensive, and is very nice.



Posted By: tyke
Date Posted: 05 August 2006 at 07:05
Hello all you like minded people on this forum
Ive been growing outside for the last 6 years in France,had some realy nice buds with silver pearl  and white widow bought from Sensi Seeds of coarse.
Just set up my indoor growing room. Ordered some seeds on the 30/07/06 got them on the 04/08/06. Great service Sensi Seeds,Thank YOU. Im looking forward to enjoying those buds in 3 months.
Ive got reversed Vertigo..... If i dont smoke a Spliff n get HIGH.... i get sick  ;)
Respect to all you gardeners out there

Posted By: john_squat
Date Posted: 06 August 2006 at 13:53
Just joined up, so i think this topic is an appropriate starting point.
I live in the West Midlands in England, and am moving into my first house (away from parents) in a few weeks, and so to save the costs incurred by buying green, i plan to grow it myself. Not only is it enjoyable and rewarding, but i get a good smoke at harvest time!
Gonna keep it small scale, i.e. a wardrobe setup probably.
The biggest worry i have is getting busted by the cops and losing my job. Angry

Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 07 August 2006 at 10:01
AND losing your job? You don't work for the government, do you?

Posted By: john_squat
Date Posted: 13 August 2006 at 11:20
no don't work for government (though it is indirectly related)...
I just have a tendency to think worst case scenario. You are right, i am being pessimistic.
Four weeks til move-in date, cannae wait.

Posted By: forsh
Date Posted: 13 August 2006 at 12:10
welcome to the forum dudes  . happy growin   Thumbs Up
   what you guys growin or plan too ?
   GANGA stricks again , workin for the government  !! ?Clap
  J S , dont no if you know about growell over at solihull   , its got all the bollocks  you  need
  and the staff are prity cool with any advise you  might need   ?
    take it easy dudes .

Posted By: john_squat
Date Posted: 13 August 2006 at 12:33
Originally posted by forsh

welcome to the forum dudes  . happy growin   Thumbs Up
   what you guys growin or plan too ?
   GANGA stricks again , workin for the government  !! ?Clap
  J S , dont no if you know about growell over at solihull   , its got all the bollocks  you  need
  and the staff are prity cool with any advise you  might need   ?
    take it easy dudes .
Quality mate, no never heard of that place. Will definitely check it out.
Thumbs Up

Posted By: skunkist
Date Posted: 16 August 2006 at 14:11

ok,so i guess its my turn now. im a 33year old  guy from the south of sweden and im also new both to growing(3 crops of), computers and this forum. the swedes are basically a hasch smoking people and i dont know anyone else who is growing so i was very pleased to find u guy´s n girls here. im running a 400w hps system with the son-t-agro bulb and im learning by doing so to speak. well that was a little about me and i hope i will be hearing from some of u guys latter on.

oh yeah, one more thing. if anybody answers my questions please dont give me guesses and hearsays ok. since i dont have any grower friends back home i really depend on youre advises. -lot´s of love ´n respect- skunkist


Posted By: forsh
Date Posted: 16 August 2006 at 17:07
   welcome to the forum  , so whats ya plans  to grow  ? , the cats on the forum are prity cool   , so the advise you will get is bang on the nail  so to speek

Posted By: frank d.
Date Posted: 02 September 2006 at 13:13
hi guys,

at first i want to say thank you sensi seeds for the incredible seeds. i'm growin since a few years "halfoutside" (on my balcony) but this season the first time with quality seeds. in comparison to the last years, the palnts look incredible. thanks again. only problem is that i dont know which strains i'm growing, cause i bought the outdoormix. but it's all cool.

Posted By: direct
Date Posted: 07 September 2006 at 18:33
Hi there, im 23 year old from West Yorkshire, England- Just started growing my own because theres a serious drought on up here and what you can get is usually low quality 'mudbud'. Visited the dam last month and became determined to grow myself a nice smoke! Anyways thats me- peace out and happy growing!

Posted By: Cegonha
Date Posted: 13 September 2006 at 23:58
i'm from brasil!
and my english is sux.... Ouch

Posted By: forsh
Date Posted: 14 September 2006 at 16:27
  as long as your growin scills are better than ya  english who cares high
   what  ya growin ? or planin too
   happy growin one and all

Posted By: Cegonha
Date Posted: 14 September 2006 at 19:39

i'm growin skunk#1! i will take some photos and post here! wish me luck! in brasil its illegal the home growin... :(  who cares?!?!? haha

Nipe- Keep Burning!

Posted By: americano
Date Posted: 14 September 2006 at 20:42
k fala voce, td bem obri, chamo me geheim, estou de ferias em negocios, vai vai vai para onde vai. Ruigpoot uma cheeba volte volte intoxico.


Posted By: embee
Date Posted: 20 September 2006 at 01:28
Originally posted by direct

Hi there, im 23 year old from West Yorkshire, England- Just started growing my own because theres a serious drought on up here and what you can get is usually low quality 'mudbud'. Visited the dam last month and became determined to grow myself a nice smoke! Anyways thats me- peace out and happy growing!

I know all about that drought!  First time grower from the UK here too... just moved house to somewhere where I've got the space and security to grow for the first time so I'm doing my research right now, couldn't have come at a better time given how the market for decent bud + hash in the UK has gone this summer

anyway, pleasure to be here, thanks to the legendary sensi seeds for having me, hope to learn a lot

Posted By: forsh
Date Posted: 20 September 2006 at 19:58
 ceg    good luck with ya skunk dude look forward to ya pics
  embee ,  ha dude  good luck with ya new grow space  , grow some wild bud ,
 got to move myself , got to  take  mi 2 grow pods  down and find  a place for  me mi dog
  and mi babys smoke eye
   got 2 bed  house  for a  39  self emp   builder  , hobbys  , weed grower , bull terriers 
  [ stipulations  ] must allow dogs  and large scale weed growin 
 many thanks 
                 forsh .

worth a try  Thumbs Up

 happy growin  one and all

Posted By: billy bong
Date Posted: 21 September 2006 at 20:23
hi newbi here.. 
im not growing anything as yet, i dont have the space to grow it and i dont think my parents would like it either...when i get my own place i deff will..
i was in amsterdam there at the weekend for four days, ive been there a couple of times now and as always it gets better and better..since the last time i was there i think the quaility of weed has improved alot..
i had some white widow form a cafe down the red light district and i never smoked the like of it before...

Posted By: marclar
Date Posted: 21 September 2006 at 23:14

i cant believe i did not find this forum before. I am going to switch to Sensi bank for my next few crops since everyone has great comments about Sensi's seeds. I am an experienced hydro grower and currently use an Ebb&Flow hydroponic system. I think its just about the best to use indoors due to great air circulation through the roots and nutrients + very easy to automate. The results so far have been amazing.


Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 22 September 2006 at 13:03
Welcome all!

And to Billy in particular, good to see yet another Irishman joining the green revolution. I was just thinking the other day how nice it is that Irish interest in the mother of all plants has been rapidly and noticeably increasing since the turn of the century.

I'm half thinking of moving over and starting up a nice, legal canna-business...

Posted By: shane
Date Posted: 23 September 2006 at 15:54
Hi all
I thought I had better introduce meself on Ganja thread, especially as he along with others have been so helpful with my queries :-)
It's so good to have this forum to share our hobby with fellow enthusiasts

Posted By: billy bong
Date Posted: 24 September 2006 at 15:08
Originally posted by Ganja

Welcome all!

And to Billy in particular, good to see yet another Irishman joining the green revolution. I was just thinking the other day how nice it is that Irish interest in the mother of all plants has been rapidly and noticeably increasing since the turn of the century.

I'm half thinking of moving over and starting up a nice, legal canna-business...
Thanks Ganja, its nice to be welcomend by another irish man to a great site like this..the green revolution is well under way here..where i dier need of a legal canna-business, i dont think bertie would like it lol...
soap bar is on the way out thank god and the green is leading us through these illegal days of weed leaf in ireland...
one more q... @ Ganja do you work in seni seeds of my mates was in the dam a month or two ago and he said he was talking to an irish lad in sensi seed shop...sound lad he reckon..

Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 25 September 2006 at 12:45
That is a sound lad indeed, but 'tis not I.

I've lived there, and most of my family is from Eire at some point, but I'm not Irish-born meself.

Not actually sure of my nationality anymore...

Posted By: americano
Date Posted: 25 September 2006 at 12:47
bengali G?


Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 25 September 2006 at 13:00
"I is maaaad ignorant, aaight?"

Posted By: americano
Date Posted: 25 September 2006 at 13:05
can i just call you rob then?


Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 25 September 2006 at 13:27
Woah, for a second  thought you wrote "Can I just rob you then?"

I suppose it would be fine to rob Ali-G (though Cohen seems to be more likely to get in trouble with his Borat thing).

Which Rob were you thinking of? Anyone I should know?

Posted By: demonic_kronic
Date Posted: 26 September 2006 at 06:42

Hey everybody im demonic_kronic. and iv been browsing through here and liked what i was seeing so i joined. and i have learned alot from other peoples disscusions and have started projects of my own. and hope to learn more as i go on. thanx



Posted By: mick@th'hood
Date Posted: 27 September 2006 at 01:35
Originally posted by Ganja

Not actually sure of my nationality anymore...

you'll never be Irish that for fecking sure

tis i mick

i work at sensi , i'm Irish

Posted By: bongwater
Date Posted: 27 September 2006 at 04:54
Hi all
      I would like to introduce myself.  I have been an 'admirer' of weed for quite a few years now. I am currently living in the UK.  For a year in the eighties I lived in Breda, and spent many weekends in Amsterdam, but many more excursions to Rotterdam - i have  memories of cafe in Rotterdam - Sensi Smile. Thanks to all at Sensi. Thanks to all who contribute to this forum.
 Ooops - sorry  -  supposed to go in the introductions section.  If possible can it be moved.

Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 27 September 2006 at 10:03
Mick IS irish, but his family are known as black-n-tan collaborators from waaaay back.


Posted By: alba1
Date Posted: 01 October 2006 at 12:21

Welcome all!

And to Billy in particular, good to see yet another Irishman joining the green revolution. I was just thinking the other day how nice it is that Irish interest in the mother of all plants has been rapidly and noticeably increasing since the turn of the century.

I'm half thinking of moving over and starting up a nice, legal canna-business

you would be more than welcome but choose somewhere out in the countryside, on the south west coast, great for growing.

Hi all,
I am originally from scotland but live in Eire now, I have been growing for a couple of years and am finally getting the hang of it, hopefully the crop this year will be good there is a couple of weeks left I reckon I am growing sensi skunk and have nine plants left having removed all the male plants (Seven)Thumbs Down, will post a couple of pics when I harvest

happy growing and smoking to all



Posted By: jah_calyx_rasta
Date Posted: 07 October 2006 at 22:09
Hi all,  I Love MJ, thought you all should know.  Gots to have Kaya now!!!

Posted By: legacy
Date Posted: 08 October 2006 at 14:12
well all im a long time smoker new time grower. im also from the emerald green isle of ireland. bad result yesterOuch in the football . ive got my seeds from sensi in august wen i woz over 4 the week  and currently on my secound grow 2 weeks in 2 veg. my ponder is how can u tell wen they r ready 4 floweringexlamation

Posted By: pfloydphanatic
Date Posted: 15 October 2006 at 09:07
hi, i'm new too... not a new smoker exactly but new to the forum haha duh... it's been years since i smoked and i miss it, but i dont know anybody around here to get any from.. so i bought some seeds..hopefully they'll get through customs and i'll be able to grow my own soon. :) got my fingers crossed. my name's Dan btw. c ya! and i'm from Ireland too :) ...


"maybe the dingo ate yo baby."

Posted By: apollo92
Date Posted: 15 October 2006 at 16:35
    hi folks, nice to see a forum for the growing community. has been really helpful and everyone seems really quick to reply to my daft queries !

    thanks to all who have replied to my posts. wish everyone a good crop and plenty of bud (soon). anyone wishing to communicate please feel free. i am a relative newcomer but have been doing lots of research, have made several trips to the dam and have finally finished a grow area. no hydroponics setup yet and will be trying without one. chow for now everybody !

Posted By: apollo92
Date Posted: 15 October 2006 at 16:38
    hi mate, nice to hear from you. seeds should be no problem legal to own but illegal to grow. cheers.

Posted By: pfloydphanatic
Date Posted: 16 October 2006 at 05:01
    i just got a lil paranoid from this one guy's post on some forum saying that the DEA uses credit card transactions to flag ppl with "suspicious" purchases or something... so i was like shit, i bought my seeds with a CC but its prob nothing to worry about, an inside garden...whos gonna know right.

"maybe the dingo ate yo baby."

Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 16 October 2006 at 15:17
You should be safe from the DEA at least until Ireland and the UK get absorbed into the Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere.

The green revolution in Eire is really taking off, even if there are no moves as yet to decriminalise. They do still take action against cannabis and flog the dead horse of it being 'a dangerous drug'. There was a multi-ton bust just recently, I believe (so condolences to anyone who was already feeling the pinch of a weed-drought).
I'd be interested in seeing waht would happen if it turned out that, say, 10% of Irish households started growing their own, or 40% of the population supported changin the laws. If the history of cannabis laws is anything to go by, the will of the people would probably be ignored, but I'd still like to see what would happen...

Most EU countries are fortunate in that their police, military and intelligence services are not yet merging into one big security apparatus with its sights trained on the population, as in the US. Many are starting along that path, but we don't yet seem to be in PATRIOT (Act) land.

Posted By: cannabuddy
Date Posted: 16 November 2006 at 07:46
Originally posted by Ganja

Just thought we should have a space for new members to introduce themselves, if they feel like it.

Not that anyone should feel obliged to do so. I've noticed that members of some other forums get a bit annoyed if new members don't introduce themselves in the 'proper' way.

Hi cannabuddy here from the great white North; long time listener first time caller... is this really what it seams to be????

Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 16 November 2006 at 11:19
what does it seem to be?

Posted By: koha2
Date Posted: 16 November 2006 at 21:07
hey people kia ora, from the land of the long thick sticky bud........ second season on last days strain is white running 1 600 watt hps with five,4foot plants guessing may b 2oz...ish a plant.Ne way happy growing,b safe..........highso high                                         

Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 17 November 2006 at 12:00
I always wondered where the long white cloud came from.
It'd be nice if it was a massive cloud of weed-smoke

Posted By: Rossi
Date Posted: 17 November 2006 at 13:56

Hi all,

Im new on the sensi forum.. thought i should say hello
I have been growing now for around six years (mostly doing cuttings for people) and have recently started to grow a room for myself.
Im on the fourth crop now in 12 months,  all with varying degrees of sucsess and failiure! My last one produced a pity-full 800gm from 40 females.
The one in now has gone to seed (thanks to dutch passions unstable White Widow seeds which were probably feminised!) and im looking at a bleak seed filled christmas.
So after talking to a few people in the know i just orderd -  Shiva Shanti, Super Skunk, White label White widow, and some skunk #1 seeds ready for the next project.
Hope this site can be of some use to me, or me be of some use to someone else for advice.
anyhows i'll stop mumbling and roll another fat one
Nweed leafjoint
Heres a pic of my last attempt -  dodgy white russian stressed out in summer heat!! lol -

Date Posted: 17 November 2006 at 18:48
HELLO folks, i am a novice from uk and am getting back into growing after a few yrs off.    first off all  BIG UP SENSI SEEDS!!!! and this forum and all the nice growers who have and will help me in my growing quest, and thanks to    GANJA,<admin>   and    FARMER MICK who have given me tips on growing.  i have just germiated my seeds, 2 types white widow+ white skunk... happy growingsmoking

DR,FEELGOOD...              if you cant be good, becareful

Posted By: Baggy10
Date Posted: 26 November 2006 at 20:22
Hello there folks, i would like to say thanks for the great info on this forum I love my smoke so i have decided to grow my own, i have grown two plants which i planted in late may and they did well they were grown outdoors in the uk, but i didnt know the strain of them i think it waz big bud. The poor things had bit of a tough time in and out i did manage to harvest them but the crop waz f**k all, anyway i have been doing lots of research and spent many a hour reading all u guys post.So i have been out and bought a 400watt light unit with sont agro bulb and built myself a nice little grow room painted it matt white and got some new seeds, Durbans to be precise i know they r outdoor plants but i decided to go indoors come the end. I have planted two so far and they seem to be doing fine thanks again guys will keep u posted bags

Posted By: growsown
Date Posted: 04 December 2006 at 20:30
Hello fellow smokers . Just dropping a line to say hello .I do alittle growing,but would like to try breeding.Any good books anyone could suggest?   

Posted By: curious george
Date Posted: 19 December 2006 at 01:39
Hi everyone:

Im from the east coast(states) and to be totally honest I'm a totall Noob on this site, But I Learn Extremely fast.. with that being said let me first say thank you to everyone in advance for your patience with my No0bish ass I will do my best not to tax your kindness and understanding with my situation.

Thanks also to the mods and admins.

        XxSABBOTAGExX =

Posted By: Rollo Tomasi
Date Posted: 20 December 2006 at 22:48

I have been growing all kinds of plants for some time now. My mother always had many different exotic plants since I can remember. She is responsible for developing my interests and care in botanicals.

Since I began, I have constantly grown outdoors. In this climate the natural sun and weather is the way to go baby! Starting in late March when the daily number of daylight hours raise to 12.5 and continue to increase, Depending on hybrid you typically harvest in Nov.-Dec.-Jan.. Broadly, most plants begin to show sex in late Sept.-Oct.. Depending on type, when grown in an open non-shaded area without height controlling techniques and given the optimum nutrition, plants are more like trees and yields are in multiple pounds.

The heavy raining season comes in during the strongest on longest sun rays of the year which is during veg growth, so you never worry bout bud rot. The winters here are filled with clear blue skys and usual 65-80F degree temps.

My first Indoor growing experince came 7 years ago with a good friend of mine. We kept a non-stop cycle for personal stash for almost 3 years. This was more of a connesoir grow as we never had more than two plants per strain(not including mamas), and at one point cycling eight different kinds! We went through lots of trial and error and experimented with all kinds of things. Needless to say, I had alot of fun and learned con cojone. I wish I had this forum then!

I have been roaming around this forum for around a month and it is great. Theres a lot of good people and I have learned some things from some knowledgeable gente.... Thanks Sensi!

Mucho gusto, nos vemos!

Posted By: bigstick
Date Posted: 23 December 2006 at 11:47
Hello I go bye bigstick as you see im a new grower I am growing in a closet  because of the cold Ihave had one good out door crop  this year first time for a nice crop i live in central california so I really dont know what eles to say be I have got some usefull tips from seed forum, At the time im using a 400w MH and 400  whay hps I have two 4 foot t5 flouresecent 4 tube lights one hanging at each end of the closet.
                                       Noel aka Dr. Moon Or bigstick
        Thank you people for the good info

Posted By: scrappy
Date Posted: 23 December 2006 at 17:05
Hello!               I just registerd yesterday, but have been an ethusiast for a long time.I live in the states so one has to be cautious. How cool it must be to able to be FREE!!! Any way I have some experience with many of sensi strains. However its been some years since Ive done anything. Always a fan so to speak. I can say that sensi seed is the most stable Ive worked with. Ive worked with SK#1,SK#1xNL#5,NL#1,RUD INDICA,RUD SK,EPand EP improved ,Durban and EG. And all impressed me with their uniformity and consistant growth patterns.I belive the seed batches we had were from sensi under Nevils owner ship. Of those strains each was a star in its own way however I liked and would recommend SK#1 for yield, it grows big plants as does the now Shiva SK. Hybrid Vigor like Id never seen it, very vigorouse, I witnessed many shivas yield 2lbs a piece in our  growing season.(Midwest) and the tops  were huge big as a mans forarm when dried. The smoke was sweet and smooth with good expasion. My next favorite would be Early Pearl Improved, it was a very consistant performer one could plant those knowing the outcome easy half pounders or  a little less say 4 to 8 ozs on avg. Mind you though these would be germed in june or mid june at times.     Any way Id be interested in hearing others experiences.                                        Peace!                                                                                                                          Scrappy

Posted By: dinamite
Date Posted: 02 January 2007 at 14:28
    hello everyone i am from lithuania i am new in this case but i like the way you talk and listen to others. i am new smoker but i am gredy in knowledge about all stuf, i would like to now more about smoking making growing and hope you lads help me with that
so for the first i have some seeds from bolivia and i puted them to ground in couple days i have some groving there maybe someone could tell me what can i do for my babys

Posted By: Tomisaburo
Date Posted: 05 January 2007 at 20:56

Hello everyboby!

I was born and live in Switzerland. I started growing cannabis indoors some years ago with Sensi Seeds' Shiva Shanti II and tried a lot of mostly indica strains from several seed companies. But I finally abandoned them all after growing Sensi Seeds' Silver Haze and Fruity Juice. Since then I remained a Sensi Seeds fanatic and I invite all of you growers to do so Thumbs Up.
I found this forum where I could read rare information about growing and the story of Marijuana breeding (thank you 20"Thai) so I decided to register and here I am.
Big up sativas !

Uti, non abuti.

Posted By: Asphyx1us
Date Posted: 08 January 2007 at 17:42
Hey all!

I'm new here on the forums and also in this 'business'.. so I've never grown before but I'm plannig to grow a few this summer in my greenhouse in backyard. Hopefully I will make it til the yeild hehe..
This forum is awesome and has lots of information and nice people who are willing to help each other!!


Posted By: n3lswn
Date Posted: 12 January 2007 at 12:48
hola im nelson first time growing :) hope i goes well...thnx for the info..take care smoke good!

i never eat pig coz pig is a cop...

Posted By: billy big buds
Date Posted: 12 January 2007 at 14:04
hi everyone new to the game but having lots of fun trying been a great help thus far

Posted By: rabbitt2
Date Posted: 17 January 2007 at 19:36
hay to all my names rabbitt i live in the uk  ive just joined and no verry little bout growing but hopeing to get some tipes and meet a few ppl. so any one wid some gd advice on a realy tight budget would be much apreciated  

Date Posted: 18 January 2007 at 13:18
 hi guys welcome to the best greenfingered site on the net.    we love it....

DR,FEELGOOD...              if you cant be good, becareful

Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 18 January 2007 at 15:05
You're too kind, Dr.F!

[but we appreciate it]

Posted By: growsown
Date Posted: 20 January 2007 at 20:59
drfeelgood just read your thread from nov. those babbies should be looking pretty good by now.i am wondering about the White Widow as i have some seeds.    

Date Posted: 20 January 2007 at 23:01
 the white widow seem to be a shorter plnt than the white skunk, i grew them for the first 5wks under fluesent  tubes they grew but slow , so now under hps 400w, what a differance, they  are well away, i think they would be even better if they had been under hps from the start, now they have side branches shooting off, i have also spotted the odd pistol on 5 of the eleven andf there could be more, so i think i have atleast 5 girls,  but there are some older than others so we will see. i would recomend them up to now and if you are hight limited they are great..    ps one white skunk looks like its on steriods ahahh, i will keep you informed if you are intresed. thanks  growsown

DR,FEELGOOD...              if you cant be good, becareful

Posted By: growsown
Date Posted: 21 January 2007 at 03:06
YEah i've seen that steroid condition in some other strains.It's a beautiful sight to behold.I evny you.Good luck with your babbies.   

Posted By: growsown
Date Posted: 21 January 2007 at 03:15
Originally posted by growsown

YEah i've seen that steroid condition in some other strains.It's a beautiful sight to behold.I envy' you.Good luck with your babbies.   

   " You assume that i'm asking for someone's permission to live my life. I got that permission from GOD a long time ago and no one can take that away."                   Reverend Brother Tucker

Date Posted: 21 January 2007 at 16:58
GROWSOWN, hi was that a famous quote??? or did i offenend you?? have you set you little white widows away yet??? i am intresed in your progress and i will help anyway i can mate ..

DR,FEELGOOD...              if you cant be good, becareful

Posted By: sensimaster
Date Posted: 21 January 2007 at 20:00
Hi there,

I'm Sensimaster,New member coming from france.I'm growing for 8 years.

My set-up is basic,
3 rooms(cuttings+mother plant,grow room and flowering room)with 250w MH for Mothers- CFL for the cuttings,400w MH grow,600w HPS for flowering.

Have grown lot ot SSB strains(G13xHP - BD -SS....)


Posted By: growsown
Date Posted: 21 January 2007 at 21:15
DRFEELGOOD.Not offended at all.The quote comes with two others :We believe that the TREE OF LIFE is necessary to our understanding and worship of Almighty God.{unknown} :We beleive that the TREE OF LIFE is to be used for"the healing of the nations" as stated in Revelations:22 THE G13 BEACHES MISSION of GOD.   

Posted By: growsown
Date Posted: 21 January 2007 at 21:38
DFG.Sitting here having a hoot and listening to some tunes i totally forgot the WW question. Still awaiting delivery from SENSI.Got two sseedlings:Choc.Chunk and Pot of Gold Peace Brother.

Posted By: growsown
Date Posted: 21 January 2007 at 21:45
Hey SENSIMASTER Sounds like you have a lot of experience.A welcome addition to our wonderful group.Hope you enjoy the site as much as i do.   

Date Posted: 21 January 2007 at 21:59

ok growsown sounds worth a look,  thanks so  you have two on the go right now??

DR,FEELGOOD...              if you cant be good, becareful

Posted By: growsown
Date Posted: 22 January 2007 at 02:03
DFG.Yes two fresh out of the seed.hopefully with a little help from good genetics and some help from my friends on this site,ihope have 2wonderful females.once i learn how to post pics i have a few you might like .gotta goi to go now,be back later. if you got one fire it up.Peace

Posted By: Dr. Heimlich
Date Posted: 23 January 2007 at 18:53
Ups, forgot that one.
New member to the board here, been growing on and off for 15 years now, mostly spent my time on CannabisWorld and until they ended. Started back in 1990 with some pot plants in the garden, in 1995 I grew my first skunk strain some Skunk#1 from Positronics also in the backyard, smelled like a combination of orange juice and cat piss.Smile  
Some years later the chance off an indoor grow room came to life, there I had an Aeroflo 14 from GH with the strains White Widow and "G13" from a fellow grower, the system was later on build out to be an Aeroflo 35 with 2 x 600 watt hps lamps in cooltubes of course, but sadly at one point, things got a bit "hot" and the room was shut down and equipment was sold, since then I´ve been forced to have a small closet with an 250 watt hps lamp, gives roughly 100-150 grams of dryed bud every third month, not big style as in the past, but not important, as long as one has plantsYing Yang
Dr. Heimlichweed leaf

The Heimlich Maneuver

~A Fist, A Hand, Hoocha Hoocha Hoocha, Loobster~

Posted By: Melon
Date Posted: 24 January 2007 at 18:30
nice intro there dr.heimlich . Welcome to the board hope you can share some of your experiences with us , hope you have a good time. 

Posted By: shark
Date Posted: 27 January 2007 at 00:33

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