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super Skunk. a first grow. grow tent, CFL and LED

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Printed Date: 15 December 2019 at 07:30

Topic: super Skunk. a first grow. grow tent, CFL and LED
Posted By: ak50
Subject: super Skunk. a first grow. grow tent, CFL and LED
Date Posted: 27 September 2012 at 12:21
Feminized super skunk seeds from sensi seeds bank.
A 1.5m hight grow tent.
18W 60cm Flora (from an old aquarium)
120W CFL
90W UFO LED (for now... Will probably add...)
10L air pots with Coco-ferlite
Bio Bizz stuff.

That's the important stuff :). I'm already past germination on 2 seeds. I'll add the history from another topic, and continue from this point.

Full of excitement :) and hoping for a fruitfull grow,


Posted By: organicgrow
Date Posted: 27 September 2012 at 12:43
Best of luck :) keep us posted

"I support and oppose many things, but not strongly enough to pick up a pen." - Bender

Posted By: PetrolSS
Date Posted: 27 September 2012 at 19:31
yah man i'm down to see what you get with them there led's

Social revolution in the 1960's US was necessitated and made inevitable by the accelerated convergence of polydimensional conflict within the shift from a rural-urban society, technology, and mobility

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 28 September 2012 at 03:53
I figured the LED will draw attention....anyway - it's too soon %3c3cink.
Germination first !

I’ll just mention briefly seeds #1 and #2 (RIP), that were placed immediately into wet jiffies and never seen again… %3cry


Hence – first lesson learned – follow the advice of the wise and experienced -  

So starting with #3 and #4.

Sat. 22 Sep 13:00: Both placed on a tampon, cut in half, and soaked with PH reduced tap water  (both from same package same everything).


Sun. 23 Sep:

#3 – showed 2 mm root after less than 20 hrs, and was placed into a Jiffy.

#4 – showed 1 mm root after 30 hrs ! …., and impatiently was also placed in a Jiffy.

Both placed under continuous Flora tube (18W) 10 cm distance.


Mon. 24 Sep 19:30.

#3 – after 54hrs.  already 1.5 cm high (great joy %3cig%20smile …. not like the birth of my kids… but still considerable… :-) )

#4 – No Show…..

So … being impatient again –

#5 - is called to duty and placed in a soaked tampon. same treatment.


Side comment-  seeing the seedling first time, a little gray, and with the shell still on, not knowing what to expect – was a bit alarming…. I thought it was dying on me as well…

Ofcourse after few hours it turned out everything is OK, but – first-timers – try to know what to expect %3cpprove


Tue. 25 Sep 14:00.

#4 – shows signs of life %3cig%3c

#3 & #4 are placed under CFL 120W – 24/0.   ~ 10 cm distance, with a small vent running… propagator covered on and off.

both are watered with a low dose of BioBizz Root Juice.

#5 – seeds cracks … (now I have 3 seeds and only 2 air pots LOL)


Wed. 26 Sep 18:00.

#3 – already 4cm high.  (Avg of 1 cm for 24 hrs – Is this Normal ??)

#5 -  shows 3 mm root – placed in a jiffy. under flora tube.


Thu. 27 Sep 20:00.

#3, #4 are almost same height (4-5 cm).  Both potted in the Coco-Perlite (small pots) and watered with Root Juice, 6.0 PH.

and are placed into their first 6 hrs night from 22:30  :-)  sweet dreams.


and #5 is already raising his head…


That's it for today.

in one hour the sleeping bueties will wake up after their first night.... but I'm going to sleep now !



Posted By: 1966
Date Posted: 28 September 2012 at 11:06
Good luck with rest of the grow ak50
If you are unsure about anything just ask as we are all here to help each other and newbies don't ask stupid questions its a person that doe's not ask who are the stupid ones.
You and your little ones have a good day

Live and let live

Posted By: PetrolSS
Date Posted: 28 September 2012 at 19:41
dude seriously, killer journal. haha i know i'm supose to compliment you on the plants but seriously, this thing is complete, professional and well organized with lots of photos. cheers, i'll be watching

Social revolution in the 1960's US was necessitated and made inevitable by the accelerated convergence of polydimensional conflict within the shift from a rural-urban society, technology, and mobility

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 29 September 2012 at 17:11

Guys, thanks for the feedback!


First, I put the pictures with the number of hours, because this is what I was missing myself, in order to get a feeling of what I should be expecting.


I’m sure there’s much info out there on the savannas of this forum, and frankly, I’m first trying to find and read as much as I can before posting yet another newbie question (thanks ’66 for clearing this out %3cmbarrass%3cd ) 


I suppose I’ll be switching now to days (instead of hours)…

#3 and #4 are 7 days old today (always from stating from germination…)


besides the Root Juice they were given nothing so far. 

Per BioBizz charts – mid first week I should already give them some Bio-Grow, so this will be done today…

does this sound right?

Is there a preferred time to water?   At the beginning of the 18 period? or towards the 6?

Seedlings look OK?

Posted By: organicgrow
Date Posted: 29 September 2012 at 20:18
Hey ak
Seedlings are pictures of health. Well done.

Since you're using a soil-less medium you can begin to feed now but really it's not necessary yet and you might end up doing more harm than good. Anyway, if you're intending to feed make sure the solution is  extremely dilute (1/8 strength). Then you can gradually increase the concentration on subsequent feedings. This is by far the safest approach to fertilization IMHO.

You seem to like to spend time with your babies; so study them patiently, they will communicate their needs pretty clearly if you learn to listen.

Best of luck on your endeavor

And BTW what happened to those first two seeds?

"I support and oppose many things, but not strongly enough to pick up a pen." - Bender

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 30 September 2012 at 10:54
Thx OG.
Clearly, since the other 3 seeds (from same package) behaved according to expectations :), I did something wrong with the first two.

My guess is that I buried them too deep in the Jiffy. I think it was a full 1cm over their heads...

With the others, after reading the link mentioned and some other stuff, I made a hole sufficient only for the root plus the size of the seed plus 1-2mms over the head... No more.

2 wks passed for these two. Caused u asked, I took out one of them from the Jiffy. its black and hard no sign of anything ever cracking it...the other Jiffy is being used for a red pepper seed already :)

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 01 October 2012 at 19:07
Today at around noon I had a short power break...   The seedlings, inside a closed grow tent, sufferred a 15-20 minutes of full darkness, just in the middle of thier 18 hrs "day".
they are 9 days old.
Something to worry about?  any thoughts please?
I'm gonna install a UPS....

Posted By: organicgrow
Date Posted: 01 October 2012 at 20:41
Nope, nothing to worry about at this point. These plants can take quite a bit of light regimen abuse when they are in veg.

"I support and oppose many things, but not strongly enough to pick up a pen." - Bender

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 02 October 2012 at 22:14
Here's my #3 .. with a Black spot !!!
can anyone advise?  Symptom of what?
Thanks :-(

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 04 October 2012 at 00:50
I think the problem is solved, but I'm too stoned to write about it now.

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 04 October 2012 at 10:16

Good Morning.

Trying to figure out what's wrong,

Looking at some stuff already in the forum on different symptoms shown on leaves, 

Looking very closely at the seedlings, verifying nothing is crawling on them,

checking that the coco was dry at the upper layer (previous watering was 48 hrs before)...

and realizing that at least this was not symptoms of overwatering....

there was only the spot in the middle - nothing at the edges. and overall the leaves were less green and (maybe imagination) a little yellowish in some areas on it.


So Yesterday morning - Day 11 - after much hesitation ...I decided to water again for now-

Water only, no Root Juice. less reducing the pH - to ~ 6.5 (previously I reduced to ~6.0, and I'm using the simple yellow paper sticks).

I tested the waters coming out from the coco (if it makes sense ...) and it looks like 6.0.  ie. 0.5 lower then what's coming in.


anyway - after ~20 hrs - ysterday evening -

There were no new black spots.

The black spot seems to remained same size...within the two veins on the leaves.

and overall the leaves became a little more greenish...


Still there are some yellowish spots appearing.. marked on the pictures below - from this morning:




Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 04 October 2012 at 13:35
hay AK, those seedlings look lovely!
no worries for the 18 minutes of lights break, really dude, that's nothing!

expecially in veg light issues are not really a problem... in flowering it could be a problem if your timer fucks up and you get more hours of light during the dark period. that could cause big stress for the flowering plants (which need 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness).
stress like that can cause revegging flowering plants and/or hermaphrodite tendencies.

very nice diary by the way and good luck!

Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 04 October 2012 at 13:41
man, relax, your plants look just they way they should.
a small black spot is nothing to worry about and most times over reacting to "problems" like this will lead to real problems for plants.
your babies are leaving the seedling phase to get into the vegging phase. you will see them grow at a dramatic pace and they will tell you clearly if they have some kind of problem.
but if your enviroment is good (temp, RH, water, air, PH) and clean, you won't have any problems, just a happy harvest!

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 04 October 2012 at 21:44
Roger that. :)
Thanks man.

Posted By: billy bong
Date Posted: 05 October 2012 at 11:55
let them do there thing until you see some thing wrong. you may do more harm then good trying to hard.. my frist time i over watered really badly but they nearly died id say but they still came back and became monsters.. enjoy the ride :)

Posted By: blackmore
Date Posted: 05 October 2012 at 14:51
black spot = no worries. The plants look perfectly healthy. spots and deformed growth etc isnt an odd occurrence. its probably just the plant adjusting to the soil.

If complete leaves start turning black, that would be worrying.

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 07 October 2012 at 11:38

It’s certainly reassuring and relaxing to here all this. thanks a lot.


As of this weekend we are actually starting week 3.


Yesterday – Day 14 - watered with half the recommended dose of Root Juice and Bio-Grow.

During the last week there was practically no increase of the height of the seedlings…  it remained ~ 5 – 6 cms

looks like the increase of 1 CM / p day of week 1 almost stopped during week 2.


instead, there’s increase in the horizontal size.

Sizes from tip to tip:

Day 14 –

#3 – 8.5

#4 – 9.5

Day 15 –

#3 – 9

#4 – 10.3

it is important to note that #4 was at first second to #3. it germinated later – like almost 2 days later.

And recently, #4 is by-passing #3, and is now bigger than his brother.


The only difference I can note between these two, is the pot.

#3 is in plastic air pot, where I was packing the coco-perlite tightly.

with #4 I experimented, and placed it in nylon bag, that has perforation all over it. (like the one used to wrap flowers with).

Because of this the coco-perlite is less packed, and is just a bit more loose….. this might be the reason for a better working of #4 roots? and faster growth?


Also – see following picture of #4…..  I can already see roots along the sides of the nylon pot.

Is this a sign to re-pot? – after 2 weeks?

#3 Air-pot is 1 L.

#4 is ~ 2L


Looking forwards for comments – as always :-)


Posted By: 1966
Date Posted: 07 October 2012 at 14:05
Hello AK they will start to accelerate in growth with each new set of leaves now as you will notice in the next week or so.
Don't allow light to be exposed to the roots of the one in the nylon pot.
All new growers are always on edge and make mistakes so you are doing the right thing by asking for the advice of others.
Your doing very well so far so just ask before you do anything that might have a detrimental effect on your young ones.
Have good day.

Live and let live

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 07 October 2012 at 14:47
Thx '66.
The roots are on the sides. Not direct under the CFL but ofcourse getting light reflected from the sides.
So do you think its time for re-poting?

Posted By: 1966
Date Posted: 07 October 2012 at 19:33
Hello Ak
I would check them all out for root growth being visible at the sides of the pots but they do look to be getting close to it.maybe another week or two/
I would still avoid getting any light at the roots whether it is direct or indirect,roots are not meant to receive light.
Have a good evening

Live and let live

Posted By: organicgrow
Date Posted: 07 October 2012 at 22:15
Well done ak, your seedlings look very happy.

I completely agree with 1966, no light should reach the roots if you're hoping for a strong, healthy plant. You should at least cover the transparent pot with black plastic or something for now. And also make sure all your future containers are completely opaque.


"I support and oppose many things, but not strongly enough to pick up a pen." - Bender

Posted By: coverking
Date Posted: 07 October 2012 at 23:02
hello guys super skunk virtualy grows its self! top strain less is more with it! look for a nice grape tasting pheno a sativa leaner, its
a lovley sherbert taste and up beat high

Growing Weed is like a Game of Chess! You must think before you move!

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 08 October 2012 at 13:13
aluminiom foil is wrrapped around the nylon pot.  %3cool

Posted By: 1966
Date Posted: 08 October 2012 at 13:26
That will do the trick Ak.
Have a good day.

Live and let live

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 10 October 2012 at 01:04

Thx ’66 and all.


Today – Day 17 of the bigger girls – they got fed again – BioGrow and Root Juice,  ~70% of the recommended dose.

It’s been 3.5 days from the previous feed, and it looks like they needed it %3cmbarrass%3cd  (older leaves are a bit more yellow than the new ones).




It still amazes me that these sets of leaves (the 3s, 5s, and the new set already showing) are coming so close together vertically.



So I visited “wish me luck” ’66…. great stuff !

After finishing to enjoy and envy the last pages I scrolled back to page #3 or so, to see your girls at the age of 14 and 21 days…

looked quite similar to mine, so now I am little better relaxed %3cig%3c


Another insight.

The perforated nylon bag pot experiment will probably get a thumb down:


·         Being able to see the roots progress?

·         Better air input than in a regular pot?


·         Roots exposure to Light (can be fixed)

·         Not holding water very well – seems that be because it is packed more loosely, when I water it, water comes at the bottom much quicker than with the air pot, although its double the size…


Anyway – I’ll be repoting both into a 10L Airpots soon.  #5 (the youngest) will go into a regular one (not Air pot).  Ah... maybe another Pro for the nylon bag...  the re-poting might be less disturbing:  I'll put it in the new pot, do several carefull cuts in the bag and then pull the pieces out gently  (at least I'm good in theories...  %3crmm I'll let you know about actual practice :-) )

be safe. 

Posted By: 1966
Date Posted: 10 October 2012 at 11:10
Morning Ak.
All new growers are nerevous and its always good as a new grower to read and compare your grow with pictures of others grows to see how you are doing.
I have only been growing myself since about Febuary and this is only my second lot now that are approaching harvest.
I did however probably do a lot of things that first time growers don't usually do changing to {Dwc,topping and cloning}and was frightened to death about doing anything but these plants are so forgiving its unbelievable the amount of abuse they can take.
Try and chillax and just continue to read up ask questions and you will be fine.
If a numbty like me can do it anyone can.
YouTube is a great source for info as i find it easier to understand something if i am shown it not read it and i would recommend you search on there.
Have a good day

Live and let live

Posted By: billy bong
Date Posted: 10 October 2012 at 11:34
when using air pots the whole idea is to let the roots hit the air light. ever hear of air pruning ? im not sure on what your thoughts are on repotting into airpots but when i do it thats the final transplant.. i have never transplanted from smaller airpots to larger ones?

not holding water well is a plus to very hard to over water, more air gets into root zone through watering to..

Posted By: 1966
Date Posted: 10 October 2012 at 20:04
Hello Billy.
It was not the air pots i was referring to as regards light getting at the roots but the transparent pot ak is growing in.
Have a good day.

Live and let live

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 11 October 2012 at 00:09
So, indeed, looks like I created some confusion.

Yes, I was referring to the nylon pot.
So to summarize and align: 

Air pots : 
 Yep, the concept of roots reaching light is part of the reason for me to experiment the nylon pot.
I imagined that the same will happen in the nylon pot, when the roots reaching the sides of the pot, 'enlightened', and seize.
Apparently as u can see in the pictures I posted, the behaviors is different. The roots reached the side, changed direction downwards, and continued developing. The encounter with the light by itself was not enought.

I now understand the structure of the air pot - when a root goes into one of the airways, it simply can not turn. It must seize there.

not holding water - being a benefit.... Well, yes. Didn't think 'bout it this way.  But again - my comment was about the nylon stuff....  The air-pot is holding water very well.

I didn't get this one...   I am simply starting with small pots.  1 to 2 L.   And about to move to bigger ones (10 L).
Is the fact that I'm transplanting from a 1L air-pot to a 10L air-pot, strange? Or maybe I did not understand the question Billy.

 Have a quiet night all,

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 11 October 2012 at 00:34
Originally posted by 1966

Try and chillax and just continue to read up ask questions and you will be fine.
If a numbty like me can do it anyone can

Man, thanks a lot for the kind words :-)
Yes, I read your diary.... Aware of the challenges u took, for a first grow...   

My plans are to do topping.   I will probably skip cloning this time. The thing is that I'll need to travel for two weeks, as of next week. Work related.    Everything will be too stressed . I am going to leave instructions with my darling PY and monitor everything from the other side of the globe, but will try to keep it simple.

So I'll transplant this weekend.
Topping will wait till I'm back, plants will be around 35 days from germ.
I expect Switching to 12/12 will also take place then. I am limited in height, cause the tent is 1.5m.


Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 11 October 2012 at 04:29
hey ak,
nice progresses here.
i am not a fan of messing around with roots and air, but try and we'll see! :-)

i should add that you can stop using rootjuice. it is a root stimulator to be used in the first week or so and once or twice after a transplant. biogrow until real flowers appear. then you add flowering nutes, but i'm sure you did your readings and know all this stuff. if you need some extra talk on biobizz products just let me know. :-)

you can top now if you want. these plant can be topped anytime, so hardy!
but: it is a good idea to let a plant recoved from topping or pruning. in other words, give 'em at least a week of vegging time after you top them before flipping lights. in this case if you plan to flip in 2 weeks and you'll be away, maybe it would be smart to top now. i mean, if i were you i would do that now! :-)

cheers and good luck,

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 11 October 2012 at 21:10
Thx Al. They look so small. Not much room to push in small scissors :)

They are 7CM high. Ill post some pics soon

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 11 October 2012 at 23:22
7 CMs high for 19 days from germination.

Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 12 October 2012 at 00:24
ok, they're still small babies! :-)
btw, very nice looking seedlings %3clap

so you have 2 options (it sounds like my life: i often travel for work.. 2, 3 days sometimes a week... so i do these kind of calculations all the time! :-):

1. top when you're back and maybe flip right away as what you said your plans are. in this case you top older plants but you give 'em no time to recover topping.

2. top now (IMO they're big enough... i topped at this same stage one of my PPP in june) and flip when you're back. young topped plants, but with enough time to recover.

actually you have another option which is not topping! i don't know if you did all this before: topping has its benefits but it is nice to see the top big&fat cola of not topped plants.
i don't think your yeld improves automatically if you just top.
topping brings more colas but usually smaller than the central cola of a normal plant... if you go around and ask, you'll see experienced growers will say they often have same yeld results with topping or without it.
it kind of depends, you know.
if you have a lot of space in width but not so much in height, then topping is a nice option: you gonna bend all side branches of the topped plant and let her have a nice open structure. on the opposite situation, i would have normal plants (such as clones in SOG or something smaller like that) and count on their big central colas.
if i were you (sorry i don't really know if you're e beginner or you do have some indoor growing experience) i would top maybe one plant and let the others do their thing and see what happens! :-)
i know it is so intriguing to do something for a plant and see the result of the plant's redistribution of hormone which will lead in the formation of 2 colas instead of the top main one! :-)
if you don't have so much width space (as i do) it is nice to have normal plants and maybe take cuttings from lower branches which -in a situation of a small space packed with plants- will eventually lack light and suffer and not give so much bud. then if you cut lower branches to make clones, you turn these unproductive parts to new plants and have a better air circulation in the "mothers".

sorry i wrote too much!

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 12 October 2012 at 15:05
Thank you Al....  please write... more is better :-)
First it striked me that your suggestion is really the right way to go (I'm sure I would have thought about it myself LOL)  - do one and keep the other as is...
Still my grow tent is 1.5M high, so I am limited a bit.... that was my main reason (also for flipping early).
I am a begginer with Cannabis. 1st grow... other vegtebles I just sow in quantity on my window edge and keep watering.... certainly can not compare it to this operation ! :-)
bout the babies... my concern is that they grow to this height more than a week ago.
then all these pair of leaves are comming out - but with almost no grow in height... and the leaves are very close to one another....   I am simply comparing to other pics.... I would expected them to be better spread, and a bit higher... no?
I am feeding every ~3 days (with bio grow - should I do once in a while water only?)
Leaves looks fine .... a small fan is working - ussually at the same time the 120CFL is working.  I think lately I took the CFL too high.... today I lowered it back to 9 CMs from the tops....
we'll see :-)
keep well

Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 12 October 2012 at 18:10
i grow in a 160 cm high tent... almost same as you.
it can be a problem if you don't pay attention to that, but i am sure you are. :-)
you got it right: flipping as early as 4-5 weeks old plants is important to keep them short.

i think you're gonna be just fine with superskunk. you'll see the biggest changes in the first 4 weeks of flowering, when they will stretch a lot (sometimes several centimeters a day!).
this is to say that topping isn't the only way to deal with height problems: you could bend normal plant as well, there are several easy to elaborate training techniques... f.ex. check out LST (low stress training) which works best if the plant isn't topped.

i would need a picture to see if your plants really have some problems... in the last pics  they looked preatty healty... if your enviromental conditions are good (RH, temp, air circulation) and you are providing the right amount of water, they should be fine i think.
remember: the best way to know when your plants need to be watered is by feeling. when the pot has lost 2/3 of its saturated weight, then the plant has used most of the water you gave her and it's time to water again. also, let always some water come out from the runoff holes and after empty the tray.
you'll see that different plants of the same strain will show different needs about how much water and how often.
about nutes: with biobizz you could fert at every watering, but i think it's a good idea to let the plant rest and use the stored up nutrients in the soil... i sometimes follow a schedule of water-nutes-nutes... but it kind of depends... the plant will tell you anyway!

best, al.

Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 13 October 2012 at 12:36
read now about the cfl distance: i use to keep that light closer, even at about 2-3 cms from plants. i use a 200W cfl (6400 °K) to veg. the closer the better!
i think plants can handle such a close light and the cfl emits very very low heat.
try that, but while close monitoring everything: if you see a small light burn move the light further. the only time i had a light burn was when the light touched a plant which i haven't checked for a day and a half and she grew until the bulb!
i think the benefits of closer light (more lumens) are much more than the risk of a small light burn.

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 13 October 2012 at 16:53

Day 22 – Repotting


I sure hope the girls will forgive my abuse today… %3cuch


Yesterday (day21)  I watered (water only) – it was 3 days after my previous feed.


Checked the bottom of #3 and #5,   both showed roots tips.

#4 already showed lots of roots along the sides of the nylon pot already few days back.


This, together with the slowness of growth. made me decide on repotting, and perhaps this was due already few days before.


#5 moved from a 0.7L pot to a 3L.  (#5 is 19 days old).

She was turned upside down, squeezed on the sides and the bottom of the pot. came out nicely, holding the coco-mix together, put in the new home. nothing major.


#3 moved from a 1L airport to a  4L pot.

This started even easier….  Placed the airport inside the new pot, then opened the screw, and unfolded the airport out… easy stuff and I assume more relaxed.

#3 was also holding her mix nicely.

only sh-t is that I forgot the bottom of it inside the new pot and realized it only after I finished repacking the new pot completely. Damm!

I suppose the roots will continue to grow through it (it’s really more spacy holes then plastic) and I decided against recovering it %3cot%20smoki%3cg


#4 (poor #4) moved from a 2L nylon pot to a  6L pot.

So she is the one with the nylon bag.   It also started quite will. I placed the nylon bag inside the new pot , and used scissors to cut vertically into the bag.

the mix was holding good, I released everything from the sides and then lifted it a bit to release the bottom.


Alas…. roots grow through the perforation at the bottom of the bag….  several of them were disconnected when I took it out.  see pic.  I hope she will survive it.

So here are the girls in their new homes, sprayed, and still trying to guess what the hell happened to them….
and now I suppose I see some stress signs?  for how long usually?
Thanks all for the support,

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 13 October 2012 at 16:57
Originally posted by alsc

read now about the cfl distance: i use to keep that light closer, even at about 2-3 cms from plants.
Thanks!  Lowered the same.
Still debating bout the topping, will probably do one tmo, just before I travel.

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 13 October 2012 at 17:22
Already thinking about next steps...
I read about LST (thanks Al)... read different opinios and wandered if anyone has actual ( and good ) experience with it.
I could do one LST, one topping, and keep one as is.... however.  they will not be growing to the same height which means I'll have to have seperate lights each working close to the canopy of each of the plants...     More stuff i'll to think about over the night %3ceek

Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 14 October 2012 at 14:18
hey ak,
good job with the reppoting.
i see a lil' too much water drops on the leaves... remember if you spray with lights on and leave all these drops on the leaves it can light burn them. how is your RH (relative humidity)?
you could stop spraying now.

as your first grow my suggestion could be to just let them grow with no topping nor lst, see how they would grow by themselves.
(about LST: i've done it with a plant on my balcony. works just fine, check out some videos on the net).
but then if you want to experiment, just go for it. if you have to deal with different heights, just raise the pots which need to be raised to get an even canopy. i normally use boxes under pots to raise them, very easy.
i don't understand what you say with "separate lights" but if you mean to add another light in there, be careful.
how big is the space you're growing? if it's just a 90x90x150 tent (centimeters), then i would suggest not to. lights bring in a ot of heat.
you're using a cfl right? how strong is it?

Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 14 October 2012 at 14:22
btw, repotting is not so stressfull for plants.
your seedlings are healty and i don't think you gonna see some signs of stress. you gonna see a lot bigger plants preatty soon due to the bigger space they have.
3 or 4 liters pots are still too small IMO. you could finish with 6,5 pots or something like that. that's the minimum size IMO. i finish in 11 liters pots. last time i even used a 22 liters one and got a monster plant (but with a lot of bending work!).

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 14 October 2012 at 19:03

Originally posted by alsc

btw, repotting is not so stressfull for plants.
your seedlings are healty and i don't think you gonna see some signs of stress. you gonna see a lot bigger plants preatty soon due to the bigger space they have.

Today they look the same as yesterday  :-)
Originally posted by alsc

3 or 4 liters pots are still too small IMO. you could finish with 6,5 pots or something like that. that's the minimum size IMO. i finish in 11 liters pots. last time i even used a 22 liters one and got a monster plant (but with a lot of bending work!).
agree.  did not plan that these will be final.  there are 10L air pots ready for next round... do you think I could have skipped this step?

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 14 October 2012 at 19:09
Originally posted by alsc

but then if you want to experiment, just go for it. if you have to deal with different heights, just raise the pots which need to be raised to get an even canopy. i normally use boxes under pots to raise them, very easy.
i don't understand what you say with "separate lights" but if you mean to add another light in there, be careful.
how big is the space you're growing? if it's just a 90x90x150 tent (centimeters), then i would suggest not to. lights bring in a ot of heat.
you're using a cfl right? how strong is it?
I'm all for experimenting  (see where this got me with the nylon bag :-)  )
space: 60x120
there's room for another light - and I already ordered one from aliexpress yest night.
and anyway - no heat issue - I plan on LED only.
so one is a 90W UFO (currently in the lab -cause one of the two driver burned (i now have actually 45W :-( )
and the new one gonna be 240W..... %3cool
the CFL for now is 120W.
my flight leaves in 4 hrs... it is to top or not to top - now!  - LOL
will update from the way...

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 14 October 2012 at 22:06

Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 15 October 2012 at 15:22
yeah man, there she is, the topped lady!

about pots sizes and repotting, i would say yes, you coud have skipped the transplant in the middle. i mean, i don't do that, but you did right: the more steps the better it is.
i would say another 2-3 weeks in these pots and short before flowering the final one in the 10 liters ones.

good job and have a nice trip!

Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 15 October 2012 at 15:25
btw i'm looking forward to see how you led setup for flowering will turn out!

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 18 October 2012 at 16:58
since I am away can not even see for myself how the topping goes....  I am waiting pictures from home. as soon as I have something I will post.
in the meantime we have switched to feed every 2 days. with Bio Grow and alg-o-mic.
also when I'm back I'll provide more details on the complete LED setup I am going to use.

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 21 October 2012 at 03:35

Ah….. the weekend. ....  Day 28.  


Being away I’m getting news from home… got some pictures to try to confirm my topping activity. looks like what happened actually is that I fimmed …..

Because the plants were so small, so ‘compressed’, there was no good condition for topping, so I simply cut the new coming as per the instructions.


So the pics I got today already show ‘something’ for #3 … hard to see but it looks like #4 also show new beginnings…

for #4 it is not very clear what’s going on J.

but I am told #3 has 4 new stems, so there it looks like a success


Another symptom I see in the pics is the tips of the leaves pointing upwards…. it’s in all of them incl #5.


Al I saw it in your diary.  that it might have been related to humidity and/or lack of air venting?

I also read somewhere about this might be related to magnesium deficiency ?


can’t advise the RH and temp there right now, don’t have the meter there yet….but I can only say that the last few days were hot.   So if anyone has a suggestion we can play it by ear…

a new pic of the entire garden J
#3 - is already 9.5 CM
#4 - 8.5 CM
#5 - 9.0 CM
all gained ~2 CM in 10 days
Feeding every two days.     (Bio Grow:  1.7 ml/L ;  Alg-A-Mic:  0.7 ml/L)

Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 21 October 2012 at 11:19
leaf tips pointing upwards most of times is a sign that the plant can't breath well: it is trying to dissipate as much moisture as possible.
i see you're misting the plants? i would stop now, they are no longer seedlings and that extra moisture in the air could prevent a nice respiration...
it could also be that the temps are too high... if temps get over 28-30 °C you need extra efficient ventilation to not stress your plants.
mag deficiency (considering you're using a nutes rich soil and are feeding) generally appears around week 4-6 of flowering  and generally shows itself with some the distinctive leaf yellowing and brown leaf tip (yes they curl upward once the mag def is about to kill that leaf), nothing like your pics.

BTW, the curling is minimal from these photos, i would say that maybe you just need more ventilation and air circulation.
BUT: YOU NEED a Thermo/hygrometer.
it is vital to keep these values under control. actually enviromental control might be the most important factor in indoor growing. (also it is a cheap instrument!)

other advices:
- get some catch trays and place them under the pots. that would prevent from messing the grow room with the runoff water and you would better understand each plant specific needs.
- the soil in the last pic looks a little too soggy (but i might be wrong): remember to water only when the pot has lost 2/3 of its saturated weight... in other words, when the pot feels a lot lighter!
- when you water, always get a little runoff water... once in a while check the PH of this runoff water. this way you can have an idea (even though not precise) of the soil's ph and therefore see if that plant has some ph lockout.
- 1 ml/l is enough biogrow. i wouldn't exceed this value, i never do. also it is smart to not feed at every watering.

good job with the fimming/topping! :-)
best, al.

Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 21 October 2012 at 11:58
p.s. why don't you get a nice reliable grow guide?

jorge cervantes "marijuana horticolture: the indoor outdoor medical growers' bible" aka "The Bible": a 500+ pages book which covers anything related to growing cannabis. very famous one.

R. C. Clarke "marijuana botany" a very interesting read. the father of all cannabis books.

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 21 October 2012 at 17:23
Hey Al, thx for checking.

Nope, no more misting for a week already. I really think its heat. We'll chk over the coming days.

Also all metering equipment is already on its way :)

All pots are placed over trays. I am checking the runoff everynow and then, althogh I am using Coco-Perlite, not soil.

On feeding - yes, we will do a break every ~week

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 28 October 2012 at 23:22

I’m back home %3coving%20it


and here’s a current status:

during the last week, continued the schedule of 2 feeds with BG, 1 feed water only.


#5 – proceeds as usual – no topping.       Gained height of  4 cm to  13 cm  (Day 33) in a week.


#3 – fimming looks good. –



#4 – Topping did not succeed – as I suspected, and she continued to grow, and became 3 CMs higher than the rest.

So – at the age of 35 days, and ~16 cm – we topped again.

this time, as she is much bigger and “clear” – there should be no doubt about it… -


And last…. as you can see by the colors of thes pictures, I  got the 240W LED (80x3W).





I Removed the 120W CFL, and will now monitor the progress….

in addition I still have 2 90W UFOs standing by…  one of them still requires some lab work…

with the 240W led, and with a simple 90 CM/s  ventilation, the temp/RH is  27 to 28 Co  /  52% to 60%



In parallel – I had to spray cause of whiteflies… used Neem oil based product, we’ll see in a couple of days.

Keep well all,

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 02 November 2012 at 14:36
Hi all,
Day 41 and I need some help....  see pictures below.
I wonder if this can be only related to underfeeding.  due to some constriagns, they were last fed almost 4 days ago.. normaly they get it every 2-3 days.
another consideration is that it is related to the new 240W Leds.  the structure of the burn over all of them was just below the LED, and side branches were less affected.  some of the leaves are burned, some are looking healthy as ever.
On the other hand I could see more yellows on lower leaves. not only on the top.
and for the last 48 hours, the girls were actually touching the surface of the LED panel.  (I didn't see them for more than 48 hrs).
the new LED lights are there for 6 days already.
Last, is the fact that I heavily spreayed them with Neem oil.... last time was with the last feed - 4 days ago.
any ideas/suggestions?
This morning I fed them well.  GioGrow+Alg.a.mic.
I sperated one of the three to be under the 120W CFL.
Do I NEED to trim down the yellow leaves???
I think it will help me to see if new ones continue to get yellow or not...
any comment/suggestion will be like a wave of fresh air :-)

Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 02 November 2012 at 17:07
hey dude, sorry about this problem... to be honest, i have never seen this big and awful change in just 6 days.

to me it looks like a very big light burn maybe combined with neem oil burn: about this, why did you spray with neem oil? from what i know neem oil is organic but still stressfull for plants.

anyways i think they just got light burnt. don't ever let them touch the led panel. leds produce low heat, but still some and you have to find the right distance: closest with no burn. i can't tell you how far from the canopy because i have never used leds to grow...

no underfeeding for sure, if you fed them 4 days ago.

that big yellow fan leaf in the last pic was also touching the led panel?

EDIT: re-reading your previous posts i realized you had white flies and that's the reason for neem oil, sorry man!

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 02 November 2012 at 17:44
Yeahhh so frustrating...
I did figure out it's time to repot...  I thought this was also part of this...
so here's the new arrangement -
I was planning to switch to 12/12 soon, because of the limited height. now I don't know if I should.  I'll have the LEDs a little further then the plants, and we'll see.
Al, I don't think that leaf touched the panel. actually there are many leaves there, on different heights of ht eplant, that are yellow, and for sure didn't touch it....  I heared something about bad LEDs burning plants.... :-(
BTW, what about cutting those yellow leaves down?   what are the best practices around that ? cut them? leave them to fall?
AK %3cuch

Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 02 November 2012 at 19:01
at this point i would let plants recover from the burn before starting remove damaged leaves.
some people cut off leaves that are gone yellow (but for other reason such as close harvest-time, N or other def or damages from insects such as spider mites) some don't.
let them recover and find the right distance.

that thing about "some bad leds burn plants" doesn't sound so logical to me. but i don't know leds for growing and i don't know what "bad" means in this case: maybe they reflect light creating a magnifying effect?

anyways, give them some time to recover before flip to 12/12.

good luck dude!

Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 02 November 2012 at 19:23
in any case, a nice rule of thumb is if the leaf is easy to remove then do it, otherwise don't! :-)

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 03 November 2012 at 09:24
Thanks man,
I think I saw pictures where people were not removing the entire leaf, but just cutting off the yellow portions of the leaf... ?
Bad LEDs....   It is something to do with the angle of projection.  leds ussually come with angles of 120, 90, 60 ...  I'll have to check with the manufacturer. 

Posted By: alsc
Date Posted: 03 November 2012 at 10:40
i would hardly suggest not to remove just yellow portions.
this way the half dead plant matter is an highway for pest and diseases.
when i remove leaves, i cut them off right at the base of the petiole.
just let them recover, build up some new nodes and leaves, then you can decide to remove leaves, or not...
leaves are a plant's lungs and personally i don't like to remove them in veg: i usually never remove leaves until the last couple of weeks of flowering, when i like to cut off those leaves that are going entirely yellow and will be very easy to remove; this is a natural process.
in your case you have a problem, and very damaged leaves will eventually die and fall in the next weeks. you don't have to play a role in that.

some growers even cut off some leaves that are a little yellow and/or are preventing lower leaves and branches from getting light. i think this practice is totally wrong: in this way you are doing more harm than good.

Posted By: sanguenuzoi
Date Posted: 03 November 2012 at 19:56
"some growers even cut off some leaves that are a little yellow and/or are preventing lower leaves and branches from getting light. i think this practice is totally wrong: in this way you are doing more harm than good."

yes absolutely ... cutting leaves away because they are a little yellow does more harm than good ... experienced people repeated this to my several times , dont f*ck with the plants they dont like it , allow old leaves to fall down naturally , or ,as alsc said , by very late flowering would be ok to remove older leaves ( those ones will probably be removed without the need of using scizors, pulling them with your own hans will do the job )

when the lion is sleeping... never u try to wake im

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 03 November 2012 at 22:53
Got you guys .... no cutting :-)  Thanks for this I was really considering this move.
BTW, I think we figured out what goes on (me and my loved one- PY %3ceart ) .... 
Looking at all 3 plants, the symphtoms are strange... the burn is NOT at the very top leaves...  looking at them from the side, looks like a middle layer of burn...
So it seems like the LEDs have a concentration point, at somthing like 7 CMs from the panel... So for the next week we'll keep the panels  (PY will, cause I'm traveling again :-( ) at least 10 CMs from the tops of the plants.
I just feel sorry for the plants being in this experiment ....

Posted By: sanguenuzoi
Date Posted: 05 November 2012 at 05:13
LEDs are quite new technology for latin american people like myself ... thanks for sharing your experiences with them

 i wasnt able to find much info on my native language forums on LED growing , but the only guy i saw writing about the use of it was pretty much a technical freak when speaking about lights ,he was the only one in the forum aware of the concept of PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) and other lighting concepts wich most ppl around here dont hav a clue about  ... for what i could see this guy had great results using leds for flowering , but as i previously stated the guy was a technical freak on lights :D , results were not as good as HPS when talking about the amount produced in harvesting but he said buds quality was the same as using hps

best of luck with this LED experience ak50 ... watch out for this heat concentration points and be happy  :D

when the lion is sleeping... never u try to wake im

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 14 November 2012 at 01:59
Hi Everybody,
Came back home last Sunday. and at the 50th day of lofe, we switched to 12/12.
Now the situation with the LED lighting is not optimal.... here are some insights and pictures from today,  day 52.   Day 2 in 12/12.
Aparently the issue is with the lights.
When I first saw the burns, all three (were still smaller) were under the (newly purchased) 240W, for less than a week.
I've seperated number #3 and #4 to be under the 240W LED
and #5 is under the used 90W UFO I also bought recently (but a used one).
Number #5 new leaves are clean and well -
you can see the old leaves down below.
However - #4 #3 looks like this -
Yep......  Sad....
But then - these two were fimmed/topped (not like #5) so these are more bushy.
And if you look closer into - let's say #4
you can see the new growth is allyas clean, but the lower part is getting yellow.
BTW - as long as I play with the distance, they are not beinbg burned as before - but only getting yellow....
#3-  same thing -
So - as of now - some resolutions ......
  • I am not going to switch to HPS or anything.  will be a big investment and will not prove anything :-)
  • I'd like to go all the way so see what will also be the effect on the harvest.....
  • It seems like the fact that there are diffent opinions out there could be very much related to the lights.....  it looks like differnt lights/manufacturers ...the quality reflects on the results.  too many technical specifications variations...    while HPS is HPS ....
  • I think I can also try to have the 240W MUCH Higher than the 90W..... it is like almost 3 times the strenght.  it is already 20 CMs away from the tops, I'll double the distance and will see if any change.

That's it for today.  wish me more luck. :-)


Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 19 November 2012 at 22:36

Wazzaup outhere ? :-)

8 days into 12/12.  no real change that I can see.
No vast increase in growth rate, not white hairs yet.
I wonder - is there any other LED grower out there that experienced the same burning effect (or not? :-) ) that I am having?
When I first thought about LED growing, I asumed bruning was caused by heat.  and since LED do no create that much heat it will be safe to even have them almost touching the plants.
Actually - I was under the impression that having the plants closer to the light source will be better for the processing of it and actually a benefit.
The leaves these days are feeling more 'light' and crispy... less "thick" as they used to be when they were younger and under the CFL.  I wonder if this is regular or is also related to LED growing.
LED growers?  %3confused

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 20 December 2012 at 23:06

My dear diary,

31 days since previous post…  it is now Day 39 in 12/12, almost full 6 wks.


Trying to cope as much as possible, continuing the grow with the LEDs I have.


At some point I raised the 240W lamp all the way to the top of the tent, and kept only the 90W led + 120W CFL close to the plants.

(I gathered all 3 together)


#5 is doing the best.  She gave white hairs first, and looks healthy.

She was the farthest from the 240W (BTW, she was also not fimmed/topped).

#3 is in the worst condition, and #4 is much better, but not as nice as #5.


Some flowers from #5:


Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 20 December 2012 at 23:10

continue .... 


this is #5 in full -  approx. 30 CM in height….  L

And flowers from today –


Some of the hairs begin to change colors.  I assume there will not be too much additional growth in height in the next 2,3 weeks.

I can only hope the buds will develop enough to produce as much smoking as possible J, and that it’ll be a good smoke….


And I need to start thinking about the next iteration -

·         Use only the 90W (maybe two of them).

·         Maybe finish in bigger pots (this time I kept them in 10L)

Posted By: RiffsAndSpliffs
Date Posted: 21 December 2012 at 18:41
It looks like those LED lights are really doing more harm than good to your plants. At this point, it looks like you might harvest 3-5g per plant.

What is the temperature like?

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 22 December 2012 at 18:05
temps between 17 to 29 C.
yeahhhh, I must understand more about these LED lights.  Wish I could do outdoor :-)

Posted By: mellow
Date Posted: 02 January 2013 at 14:30
Hey AK50,

So just read(skimmed, lol) through your diary.

I was reading and you were upset about a slight upturn on (IMO) so fine looking plants, then things went wrong?

Just for future reference, never mist or spay your plants. I learn't from my first grow that if you spill a little water/feed on the leaves then leave them under the cfl/mh/hps then it will burn the leaf, so I ended up with loads of small burns to my plants, that's just from a couple of drops, so i would never mist, IMO.

I don't know what your humidity levels were, but i've also seen leaf burn from the plants being full of dew, then the lights coming on.

Don't know what happened in flower? I personaly haven;t seen a good yeild with a cfl or a led, personally i'd be the first to jump ship if they was better, but from what I've seen around the net, they are good for vegging but not for flower.

Anyway, at least you've got a grow under your belt.

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 25 January 2013 at 17:23

Hi Mellow, thx for reading and for the encouragement.  yes, it looks like I will have a grow here %3cmile


For sure I will take you advise for the future grows.  on one hand I had to spray Neem Oil due to white flies.

On the other hand what you have described as a “morning burn” sounds very logical.  I did measure high humidity accumulating overnight. 

I started then to increase the ventilation times also during the night, and especially towards the morning.

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 25 January 2013 at 18:00

So today is almost 11 wks in flowering.


as understood from previous reports, Yield will not be something to write home about %3cnhappy

but there’s going to be some. I will weigh and report when I get there.


I’m checking the resin glands (x100) every day, I see more getting the amber color, although most are still milky white.

Searching about it on the forum I read that it might be good not to wait to when all are amber ?


I have started watering only, and intend to harvest in a week’s time.


Some pics from today – Day 75 in 12/12.

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 25 January 2013 at 18:03
and few more

Posted By: sanguenuzoi
Date Posted: 26 January 2013 at 18:41
leaves look weird... maybe ur lights are too close to the plant ... led lights generate inferior heat when compared to hps but still generate some heat ... how close are the lights from the plants? have u measured? maybe 30cm its kinda like a safe distance 

when the lion is sleeping... never u try to wake im

Posted By: sanguenuzoi
Date Posted: 26 January 2013 at 18:53
p.s- wait until at least half resin glands turned ambar ... cannabis maturity when harvested hav big effects on its taste after properly dried up and cured

when the lion is sleeping... never u try to wake im

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 09 February 2013 at 20:42
So, we did it ... !!!
Two of the three were cut down, dried, and measured.

From these two I got 10 grams.....
Indeed, not that great, I know :(.....

But the smoke, the smoke :)
So sweet, and that's before curing.
The high is the good loved Amsterdam high ...........

Now, the 3rd one, number 3, was too small... I took her out of the tent (where I dried the others) and simply put her out for the last two weeks on the sunny kitchen window (inside and partly hidden from the neighbors)
And man! She is doing more than alright.
I am keeping a light schedule simply by the sun, bio bizz max dosage every 2-3 days. I tightened the cocoperlite much more (I'm afraid it was too loose) and the plant is doing very well.
Although most of the big fan leaves already gone, she is bringing out many new flowers and small green ones looking much much more healthy than her sisters Annnd much thicker buds then I had there.

So, while this round did not end, there will certainly be more tries....

Posted By: mellow
Date Posted: 09 February 2013 at 20:56
Well done, there's nothing like your own smoke :).

Posted By: RiffsAndSpliffs
Date Posted: 10 February 2013 at 19:00
Congrats on the harvest! Glad to hear things are working out for that last plant as well, hopefully she'll produce some good smoke for you. %3co%20high

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 19 September 2013 at 19:11
I'm back !%3coving%20it
Almost finishing the stock  we harvested ... was not much but was very good smoke ! :-)... I would even say - surprisingly ! :-)
I even exchanged few grams with a friend .... and we both agreed my smoke was much btter !%3ctar    
anyway ... I got a lot to fix from that first .. here we go again.
more details to folow.

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 28 September 2013 at 19:25
Not sure what happend, but I had 5 more seeds from the pack of 10 Sensi super skunk I bought a year ago in AMS, and I'm not able to get them going.

4 of them already showed 1 to 3 mm of root. I put'em in a jiffy, in a similar homemade propegator I used a year ago, and waited..... Nothing :(

I kept them in a wine fridge tightly wrapped at 15-18 C, for one year.
First pair already 2 wks.
2nd pair already in jiffy for a week. No sign of life.
Last seed is now still in wet paper towels, and a new jiffy is ready... But it looks like theses seeds are tired. Can it be?

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 08 October 2013 at 22:28
So... this is final....
nothing emerges from any of the 5 seeds I kept.... nothing %3cry
one lesson learned - do not buy more seeds than you plan to grow immeidatly.  not sure how fresh you get them.....

Posted By: J.B. Walton
Date Posted: 09 October 2013 at 06:28
Did you germ them in darkness?
Seeds stay good for years
The first 5 did well so the seeds were good.
Sometimes ph values of tapwater varies and
other things can happen.
If you analyse well what you did step by step
maybe you will find the real cause and become a more experienced grower.
As you told seeds were good.

NEW HASH PICTURES In the photogallery!them. New law march 2015: if you have a grow question then send me a private message.
I will give no grow info in public anymore.

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 19 October 2013 at 23:10

Hey,  first – thx for the input –

Yes- germinted in darkness.  PH was also monitored.

I know seeds last for long – still there was a 1 year between the two grows –

also a year ago 3 out of 5 completed the grow…. but that was my first time…


this year all germinated. however ..and here comes another story %3cmile :

only one of these started actually to grow – the last one germintaed…


I’m not sure if to be happy or not … this is certainly not going same as last time….


After almost 2 weeks (!) we were surprised to see greenish stuff starting to evolve…

And then – since then –for almost 10 days – it is almost impossibble to dect any real change -


and that’s the way it looks for the last several days:


she’s getting continiously bright LED light (90W) and sometimes (not direct) sun light during the day.

PH ~6.0, and spray on the Jiffy.  Humidity ~70%.


we can hardly see a change from one day to another….


Any idea?

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 21 October 2013 at 04:32

Posted By: SuperDuper
Date Posted: 22 October 2013 at 09:44
Hello i dont knov why but i have this same issue whit sensi seeds recently i bought 3 strains Super skunk Shiva end Nort (3x seed pack)

end only 3 plants grow for mee now whit 100% helth rest of the seeds look all moust the same like in picture

Posted By: ak50
Date Posted: 25 October 2013 at 22:09
Hi Super. So you dumped them? How long before you gave up?
I'm stil hoping for a miracle...

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