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Slow growth?

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Sensi Seedling
Sensi Seedling

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    Posted: 09 December 2010 at 21:55
Dear ganja i hope i find you very well. my name it martin & i am from Ireland i am a 1st time grower trying to grow indoors & having lots of promlems i was hoping you could help me...............
I have a room in my shead ive made up & have split it in two one growing room & one flowering room each room is about 3feet by 4feet & 7feet tall & completely closed in.
I have 6 plants on the go 3 northern lights & 3 widows. 1 of each are now 9 weeks old & only 7inches tall 1 of each are 5weeks old & only 3inches tall and my 2 babies are only 2weeks old & about 3inches tall.I am confuesed as to why its taking them so long to grow here is my set up.I water the big ones twice and small ones 3 times a day with rain water with a ph of about 5.6
i also spray them with water 3 to 4 times a day i keep my temp at 95f and have an exterator fan on the go all day and they are growing in jhon ennis number 3 soil. I have vents in to let air in aswell. i have bassed everything on the youtube video of mr grow even tho he is growing hydroponickly. In my growing room a have 3 sets of tube lighting 4foot long with 1 blue bulb & one warm bulb in each light just like mr grow.
the plants gerneraly look very dry all the time & keep burning on the outer edges & look bad i have tryed less water to the point where they wilt on me & i have also tryed lotts of water & that did not work either.
Is my air to dry
Is my temp to high & should it be the same all day & night i try for 95f
I have only got the temp steady in the last 2 weeks it was going up & down before dose that matter.
how do i increase humidaty and keep temp at what i want
Are there any seeds that are easyer to grow for starters...............................
I look at & think i have built a good grow room & i am so confused as to why it just not working out i hope you can help & i thank you for reading this
martin from Ireland 
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Sensi Administrator
Sensi Administrator

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  Quote Ganja Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 10 December 2010 at 11:37
The strains you have a pretty simple to grow. Something like Skunk #1 or Super Skunk might be a bit more vigorous, but NL and WW should present no problems.

At first I thought temps might be a bit too low, since they're in a shed,but 95F is about 35C, so somewhat too hot. Do you know why the shed is so hot? If it's outdoors in Eire at this time of year, I would have thought it would be cold.

From your description, do you have three fluoro lights, each with two 4ft/120cm tubes, for six tubes total? I wouldn't expect this many fluoro tubes to generate that much heat.

The fluctuation in heat is not ideal. Keeping temperature between 21-23C (70-75F) day and night is a good idea.

Sounds like your watering and spraying much too much. Skip the spraying for a while and reduce waterings to once every 2-3 days. DOn't allow plants to dry out and wilt, of course, but give them enough everry few days that their soil stays damp (not saturated) between waterings.

Small plants grow slowly and as they get bigger their rates of growth increases exponentially. Treat them very carefully for the next month or so and they should advance from being seedlings to being small plants. As small plants they should grow faster and be less susceptible to changes in the environment.

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Sensi Advanced Grower
Sensi Advanced Grower

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  Quote alecky Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 10 December 2010 at 21:56
Hi marty welcome!!For what its worth my bro grows in a concrete built kinda fuel shed at the side of his house and he finds it very hard to control temps.If its hot outside its hot in the shed, cold out side and cold inside.Have u taken temps in different places around the room?

Its been hitting minus 14 some nites where i am,thats really cold air your venting into ur grow space.

On average it takes 2-4weeks for his plants to finish compared to mine grown indoors and the buds are always less dense than the indoor ones.As he grows clones/plants that i give him and we treat the plants the same, we think the temps has a lot to do with it.

When he grows in the summer months the plants take longer cause they are stressed from the heat,and in winter cause they are stressed from the cold.His plants always look the worst for wear!!

Because it takes longer for him he gets one less harvest per year, but still gets enough to keep him in bud all year and give me a bit when im stuck,so well worth doing!!

Good luck with your grow and keep us posted%3chumbs%20Up

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Sensi Advanced Grower
Sensi Advanced Grower

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  Quote martiniGR Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 11 December 2010 at 12:56

In my opinion you should be aware of overfeeding

the NL is not a WW, overfeeding will be showed in the WW first
Hydro amounts of food is more than soil amounts
ww needs less food then NL
if your plants grow slow you have to lower food..
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